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Check out Kaley's full 3 mins testimonial where she shared her reason for joining the program. 
She credits completing the program for helping land her job within 7 weeks. 

Join Kaley and others in the program! 
I credit the Reach and Frequency program for helping me land a job in programmatic. 

 It’s a challenge for pivoting professionals like me to get their foot in the door if they don’t have the experience. I have no marketing background; I spent the past year pivoting into data analytics and spent 6 months applying to jobs and landing very few interviews.

The course is not very time consuming—I spent 1 to 2 hours a week on the modules and homework, and 1 hour of classwork with Helene, which was very valuable. It was very doable to fit into my schedule, and the training involved actual hands-on time in a DSP platform that’s so essential to what employers are looking for. We also spent time discussing the programmatic players—DSP’s, SSP’s, DMP’s, etc., as well as performing tasks like quality assurance and campaign optimizations.  

With the knowledge from this program, Helene’s support and networking contacts, I was able to land more interviews in the 2 months I was taking the class than I had in the past 6 months. I was excited to say “yes” to an offer a month after completing the program.

 I can’t recommend this program enough for folks like me who don’t have a tech background. 

 And if you do have a background in marketing, this program will give you the skills you need to learn programmatic and give you the extra boost in obtaining a job.    

- Andrea Hirsh - 


What you'll receive today for $500 down:
  • The Reach and Frequency Course ($1,575 value)
  • DSP training ($7,725 value)
  • Programmatic Meetup ($79 value)

Résumé and Interview prep ($599 value)

Job Placement Assistance ($750 value)

1 on1 Interview on Programmatic Digest podcast ($♾️ value)

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