How To Get Started In Programmatic Advertising and Land into Your Dream Job
You’re ready to pivot into a new career in the next 7 weeks, without any previous experience in marketing or fancy tech certifications.
Underappreciated? Undervalued? Under or Overwhelmed in your current job? Change is scary, and learning something totally new can be daunting! 

This is why we’ve created a comprehensible accelerator program where we go over fundamentals and more. 

With this program, busy professionals like yourself can learn at their own pace while maintaining focus on a roadmap with a clear timeline, supportive community, and live coaching with me and others.

Welcome to the Reach and Frequency™️ program

Our mission is to teach historically excluded people the skills they need to become programmatic ninjas.

This is achieved by providing on-demand education, weekly coaching, and access to a dope community, all within a 7-week interactive and dynamic online program.
Here’s what you get when you sign up:
1. We follow a clear timeline covering a fundamental skill each week.

We developed an intensive curriculum organized into 7 modules where each will be covered in details every week. 
See more details below:

2. Platform Training - hands-on in a DSP

As you noticed in the timeline above, every week, you will have opportunities to exercise this knowledge in a demand side platform (DSP). You will have access to How-To’s, assignments, and the opportunity to create/manage programmatic campaigns. Think of this as the opportunity to really test your knowledge and this will be super important to add a resume!

3. Live Group Coaching with Me and Other Experts

How many times have you listened to a podcast or watched a YouTube (or any training videos for that matter) and wished you could ask questions about the content you’re learning? This is an opportunity to assess your understanding, address any confusions, and learn from me and the others. I have trained teams of 1-20, all at different levels of their career and from different professional backgrounds.

4. A dope community and extended networking opportunities

The programmatic meetup is a space where a community of media buyers, traders, adops, and any digital campaign managers or related, can hang out and discuss opportunities and challenges in their direct fields. We cover training topics such as operational workflow, industry trends, QA and best practices, free and paid optimization classes, and more.

We have access to a free slack channel where you will have access to me and the rest of the community. The networking opportunity is tremendous!

5. Bonus session focused on Resume and Linkedin workshop with Mock interviews

We are not only teaching you the fundamental skills to get a job but also offering workshops to help you create a resume and a linkedin profile to attract any future employers.

Mock interviews are also included where you will be paired with other experts in my network and get a first opportunity to interview with potential hiring managers.

This is for you if...

  • You have little to no experience in marketing but are interested in learning a new skill in the digital advertising industry
  • You are working in a field that doesn't pay as much and requires to be away from home all day
  • You are looking for a work from anywhere or work from home or hybrid home/office opportunity
  • You are looking to work with fun benefits (think coffee Tuesdays or early release on Fridays)
  • You are feeling stuck in your life and not clear on your next steps
  • You are willing to commit a 2-3 hours weekly to follow the program curriculum and committed to doing the assignment and homework! 

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