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We will answer the following questions:

1.)   What is a strategy and what to look for to create one, including creating a media plan
2.)   What is optimization and why is it important?
3.)   How to optimize including best practices


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Why You Need This:

This is for you if...

✅ You are constantly pulled into meetings, or calls, and for those back in office, where people are just walking up to you.

✅ You don't have time to show your campaigns some love and have important deliverables for other clients (I mean this is one of our primary responsibility, ain’t it?)

✅ You want to continue being a servant leader to your team and providing support, since you are the expert on the team, but is hella stressed about everything.

✅ You truly enjoy pulling insights from your programmatic campaigns and wish you could do more of that.

What You Will Learn From This Course:
Secret #1: 
Strategy & Planning
What is a strategy and what to look for to create one?
Secret #2: 
Optimization Levers
What is optimization and why is it important?
Secret #3: 
Best Practices
How to optimize including best practices

Here's A Little Bit More Details

Lesson 1: Strategy & Planning
Media Planning: What and How to Get Started, including different Examples
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): why are their important

Lesson 2: Optimization Levers:
Optimization Hack: Audience segment, creative sizes, site list, Time Of Day, or all the others? Which one should you optimize first and WHEN to optimize each?

Lesson 3: Optimization Best Practices: Cheat sheet guide included to help with implementation
Reporting Hack: 5-6 easy steps to always keep in mind when writing your optimization insights



What does the Reach and Frequency™ Optimization Course Comes with ?
8 lessons with on-demand training videos, guides, and workbooks, a community with like-minded marketers

Do I have to start the course at a certain date or time?
As soon as you purchase, you will receive a welcome email with the log-in details to acces lessons instantly.

Will I have lifetime access?
Yes! This course comes with lifetime access to all lessons materials.

Can I add a course certificate to my LinkedIn or resume?
Yes! You will receive a Completion Certificate at the end of this course.

How long will the course take me?
You can go at your own pace! This course is roughly 2.5 hours of content.

What if I have course questions?
You will have direct access to me in our Community Slack Channel.

How Do I sign Up?
Grab this one time offer for only $399 by clicking here.

Here's What Others Have Said About The Course

I implemented some of the this you’ve shared in the optimization lesson and I am already seeing an increase in performance for some of my programmatic Ad campaigns.

- Christopher Yarn

Helene and I have crossed paths professionally a couple of times, but I will never forget who helped me build pivotal tables, learn acronyms and hit impossible KPIs during my early days as a media trader. She started as my mentor, demonstrating patience, encouraging me to never stop learning and challenging me to grow no matter what the obstacles that came up.

Helene's training style is hands on, high energy and positive, and I will forever look back on our time together as a turning point in my career.

- Tashia Souza

Helene Parker has so much knowledge to share with the programmatic community, and you will meet truly amazing people. 
– Carlos Villanueva
Hélène read "Ellen," Parker is the founder of the Reach and Frequency™, six weeks accelerator program where she teaches the essential skills needed to become a programmatic trader/buyer.

Aspiring black and brown marketers can sign up for the program to discover, learn, and practice programmatic fundamentals such as understanding the landscape, tech capabilities, and campaign management, including hands-on experience in a few DSPs.

At the end of the program, each certified programmatic ninja can work in job positions such as programmatic media buyer/trader, ads ops, account management, and project management.

After working as a programmatic trader for close to 10 years in different positions, from ad tech management to leadership, Hélène understood the need for accessing independent education t in the Programmatic space where the educational content was created by a trader for traders and related.

Our mission is to provide access to programmatic education with DEI as a core value.

About our founder:

Hélène read "Ellen," Parker is optimistic, outgoing, and open-minded. Her Charisma is contagious and impactful. She was given the nickname programmatic sensei many years ago by her peers and partners because of her ability to learn new skills and teach them comprehensibly.

She has experience working for advertising agencies managing multi-million dollar digital strategies across programmatic, social, and search technologies.

Her expertise is routed in the ability to plan and manage omnichannel strategies. She's done so successfully for brands in industries such as Retail, Education, Healthcare, Financial Services, Hospitality, Tourism/ Travel, Technology, and B2B/B2C.

She is the founder and host of the Programmatic Digest podcast, where she interviews other experts and discusses the latest industry trends and self-development topics.

🦄 If you ever asked her, she would say: ☀️ My superpower is my high energy & charisma ☀️


00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
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