How To Start and Grow In Digital Advertising Career and 
Land Into Your Dream Job
Understand How To Develop The Skills Needed 
in Approximately 7 Weeks And Get Hired

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BONUS: Gain immediate access to our F.E.E.L. framework where we show you how to leverage LinkedIN when looking for a job
Get ready to... learn how to find the right jobs in the industry with peace and ease.

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How To Start and Grow In Digital Advertising Career 
and Land Into Your Dream Job
What You'll learn on this LIVE Masterclass
  • What is Digital Advertising, specifically Programmatic Media? 
Chances are, you are already familiar with what this is! If not, it is a form of marketing and advertising which uses the Internet to promote products and services to audiences and platform users. (🤣 google it!)

i.e.: You've probably noticed Facebook ads, or ads while streaming Hulu or YouTube TV... or better yet, visited an online store and noticed that same product following you around? That is what we will talk about.  

  • What are the most in-demand Jobs at the moment?
It is so evident that the industry has a specific need. Because the industry rely on the use of advertising technologies, the media traders, also known as media buyers, or campaign managers are responsible for handling, managing, and monitoring ad campaigns in those said technologies.

​​​​​​​Media buyer/trader salaries are very competitive and can start around $30-$45/hr depending on your location... plus, some amazing benefits including work flexibility, unlimited paid vacation/PTO, medical coverage for you, and the family, and the fur babies, office supply stipend, early release Fridays, company retreat..... these are all benefits offered by hiring companies.    

  • How To Get Started? What skillset do you need?
Today, It can become overwhelming to know where to get started because there is so much information and mostly available via a vendor, or through a job. A major entry barrier!

By the end of the webinar, you will understand what soft and hard skills you will need to develop and where to find the appropriate information to get that amazing job you deserve. 

BONUS: Gain immediate access to our F.E.E.L. framework where we show you how to leverage LinkedIN when looking for a job
Here's What Lynzee, a Yoga Therapist, Has To Say: 
 So I decided to join the Reach and Frequency Program because I wanted to pivot in my career. I wanted to be able to have multiple streams of income, and I was also curious about learning of a new industry that I was not immediately familiar with. And then once Hélène also mentioned the amount of time that it takes to learn a new skill and to pivot into a new industry, I knew it was definitely something that I had to hit the Go button on. So my expectations overall for the program, I would have to say it's definitely been a ten out of ten. I love Hélène's energy. 

I love her encouragement, letting us know that we are able and empowered to make a switch in our career if we see fit, and just encouraging us to remember that we can learn a new skill set as long as we stay open minded to it. I feel like the information was very clear and easy to understand. I feel like the way that she tailored the courses were perfect. And I really enjoy gaining a new community within the programmatic, community and ad tech as a whole. So again, I would have to say my biggest win is just learning about this network of people out there that exist. I love that we have a network that we can always refer back to in the Slack community, as well as on LinkedIn and Facebook. 

So it just feels good knowing that whatever you come across in the new industry, of course, those of us that are new are going to be a little nervous that there's always a community that you can reach out to that's eager to help someone there just to have your back through the process so that you never feel like you're alone. So I think that's amazing. So why do I think somebody should sign up for the Reach and Frequency Program? I feel like if you're in a place where you are an entrepreneur, you're someone that's interested in multiple streams of income, you're someone that's interested in Pivoting and career. I think that I tech Reach and Frequency Course more specifically is an amazing opportunity and just overall program. I mean, think about it. You can be certified within seven weeks. 

For me, it only took me four weeks to find employment, to find it's seven weeks essentially to pivot careers and be living your dreams, getting to travel, making a lot more money, especially for those of us that are or were on the poverty line. Times are hard right now. And also, if you're somebody that's just curious about different marketing techniques and things of that matter, or technology as well, I think that this would definitely be the course for you. I 100% recommend. Hélène is an amazing mentor, amazing teacher, and if she's really grateful for her, I'm extremely grateful to be in the position I am currently, and I'm really excited to continue learning in my journey in the Advertising and Technology world. Thank you. 

This is For You If...
  • You have no experience in marketing but are interested to learn a new skills
  • ​You are working in a field that doesn't pay as much 
  • ​You are looking for a Work from anywhere opportunity
  • ​You are looking to work with fun benefits 
WHO IS Hélène Parker?
Hélène read "Ellen," Parker is the founder of the Reach and Frequency™, six weeks accelerator program where she teaches the essential skills needed to become a programmatic trader/buyer. 

Aspiring black and brown marketers can sign up for the program to discover, learn, and practice programmatic fundamentals such as understanding the landscape, tech capabilities, and campaign management, including hands-on experience in a few DSPs. 

At the end of the program, each certified programmatic ninja can work in job positions such as programmatic media buyer/trader, ads ops, account management, and project management. 

After working as a programmatic trader for close to 10 years in different positions, from ad tech management to leadership, Hélène understood the need for accessing independent education t in the Programmatic space where the educational content was created by a trader for traders and related. 

Our mission is to provide access to programmatic education with DEI as a core value.

About our founder: 
Hélène read "Ellen," Parker is optimistic, outgoing, and open-minded. Her Charisma is contagious and impactful. She was given the nickname programmatic sensei many years ago by her peers and partners because of her ability to learn new skills and teach them comprehensively. 

She has experience working for advertising agencies managing multi-million dollar digital strategies across programmatic, social, and search technologies. 

Her expertise is rooted in the ability to plan and manage omnichannel strategies. She's done so successfully for brands in industries such as Retail, Education, Healthcare, Financial Services, Hospitality, Tourism/ Travel, Technology, and B2B/B2C.

She is the founder and host of the Programmatic Digest podcast, where she interviews other experts and discusses the latest industry trends and self-development topics. 

🦄 If you ever asked her, she would say: 

☀️ My superpower is my high energy & charisma ☀️

The next step is simple and easy: Make sure you sign up to our upcoming webinar where I will tell you how to land a dream job in digital advertising specifically in paid media and programmatic. 

It’s free! You ain’t got nothing to lose! So why not register and show up to learn! 
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